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Deathstalker Rebellion

Deathstalker War

Deathstalker Honour

Deathstalker Destiny

Deathstalker Legacy

Deathstalker Return

Deathstalker Coda

The Deathstalker UniverseEdit

The Deathstalker series of science fiction novels, by British author Simon R. Green, was written during the 1990s and early 2000s. Although referred to by a single name, the series consists of two major episodes, and other associated novels providing a backstory to the characters and events of the Deathstalker universe.

The first episode, comprising five books, tells the story of how Owen Deathstalker, reluctant heir to the ancient Deathstalker name and minor historian, came to lead a galactic rebellion against the powerful and corrupt empire in which he lives. The second episode is set 200 years after the first, and follows Lewis Deathstalker, a distant relative to Owen. Three additional novels, eventually republished as an anthology, act as a prequel of sorts - although they contain no mention of the Deathstalker family they expand on other important characters and provide further insight into the workings of the empire.

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